• so um, my other account got banned as well, so i can't do anything for a year on AJCW, this is really the only wiki i can do anything on, so we'll have to talk through here now, just wanting to let you know

    i would also change the part of my life where i got blocked (XD) and a whole lot of other things that i can't go into, because they date back to when i was like 5

    IMG 1435
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    • When is your birthday?

      I have to go shorts shopping beside my school is strict on how short shorts can be so I only have 4 pairs of shorts that I can wear. I have to go shopping with my sister and mom for a few hours and I really don't like shopping.

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    • June 20

      rip. i always wear jeans

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    • Oh :( RIP Kat

      All my jeans are too small :( so I wear leggings or shorts nowadays.

      It's also going to be very hot when we go to Nevada, so I need shorts to wear.

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    • but i think the block on Xxtheblackkatxx will lift yesterday a year from now, because i was blocked that day. but Theblackkatxx is banned forever for "abusing multiple users"

      girls can't wear leggings at our school and the shorts have to be below their fingertips

      oh, i wear jeans no matter what

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    • Yea. We can still talk on here because I won't block you :)

      We can wear leggings, but the shirt we wear has to cover our butts. And the shorts have to be below our thumbs. We also can't have rips above our thumbs. No showing our shoulders, no showing our stomach, must have closed toe shoes, no steel-toed shoes, no jewelry with crude or sexual language or demonstrations, etc.

      And then the high school doesn't give a crap except it should obviously be appropriate.

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    • thanks :)

      IMG 1437

      so, can one of my ocs transform into a dragon, like a squirrel-sized one

      i guess you will also have to transfer the UMM threads over here, unless they are going to be inactive for a year then brought back?

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    • They're not very active anyway.

      And damn. That's a lot.

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    • yeah

      we have like no freedom in my school, like we have to have water bottles teachers can see through, we can only bring water, fidgit spinners are banned (also we have to dress out for PE and we have girls PE and boys PE) but i love my school

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    • Fidget spinners are banned too.

      And pokemon cards.

      And other stuff.

      I got ripped jeans though and I never buy those :0 I'm so excited.

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    • slime is banned too

      i've had ripped jeans (the knees because crawling) and i didn't like them, because you kneel down and everyting in the carpet digs into your skin, but your legs never get hot because it lets the hot air out, i guess

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    • also can you tell the people on Hybrids and Hunters and UMM that i'm blocked for a year?

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    • Yea.

      And I've always ALWAYS wanted ripped jeans. But damn hollister jeans don't work for me. They're either too long and fine around my hips (low-rise were the cheapest) or fine in length, but too tight around my hips.

      I'm a complicated person when I comes to clothes.

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    • XD i've got long legs, so they're either short or long 

      i throw something on and i'm like "it's good"

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    • I've got legs between average and long, but I have the waisted body shape, but I'm kind of short-waisted. It's hard to explain XD I look like the average hourglass-shaped girl with dips in the sides of my hips. That's why I wear loose shirts :P To hide myself behind clothes.

      I'm picking with clothes because I don't want to look like a five-year-old with sweatpants on and a pink t shirt, which I did wear one day and I looked like I rolled out of bed and went to school. I found jeans in Macy's though and I like them. Then I found ripped jeans at Kohl's.

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    • I'm a huge under-eater. I don't take care of myself. I feel ashamed of myself and I'm worried that when the 5 schools of my district merge together to go to my new school, people won't like me for my problems. I'm afraid they'll think I'm just an attention-seeker and make up my problems. I have anxiety, slight depression, and, as I said earlier, are an under-eater. What if no one wants to be friends with me because they don't want to deal with me and my problems?

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    • i only under eat because i sleep till like 2. people only don't like me because i'm not like them?? meaning i'm not skinny (but not super fat) and because my hair is a really dark brown, light clothing doesn't go well (also always wearing a jacket and jeans) and i get called emo (this one kid that picked on me last year called me a triggered emo feminist or something) but i have a good amount of friend (like maybe 10) but they like me because of my personality (they say i'm weird or funny or something) not because how i look. i'm not that overweight at all or something but my mom isn't the skinniest person (not the fattest either) it's just how i'm built, large bones, not that skinny (someone on my street even said that i had diabetes, they probably don't even know what that means XD)

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    • I have friends, but I only talked to them just last night and plan on doing so later. I'm talking to one right now and we're laughing so hard. I'm also not the prettiest girl in da school with that cascading hair that goes down my back and the longest legs that make me look like a model, because some of the popular girls at my school are, with the trendy clothes and all da boys. I'm just that girl with blonde hair who wears t shirts, pants or shorts, loves running, is loyal to my fandoms, and has a large group of friends that is really crazy and talks with this one group of popular boys who we make fun of because it's fun and they just act like chickens with their heads cut off.

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    • I dyed the underside and ends of my hair blue.

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    • nice

      i was used as an example by Icefern for the sandbox thingy XD i died

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    • Wait, you were? XD What Sandbox thing?

      I'm in Vegas right now. Floor 15 of Treasure Island. I'm laying on the bed while Breakig Bad is playing on the tv. My sister and I are consumed by our phones while my parents and brother go gamble :P

      My hair is also a teal color. We're going to dye it darker on Tuesday, when I get back from Nevada.

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    • idk

      i'm on my couch rn, XD

      my sister had the bottom half of her hair teal but it washed out ok i have no idea how i got here but why does this exist

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    • I wish I was on a sofa right now XD With good food. I'm by the pool, in the scorching sun, without food on an empty stomach.

      I have the underside and ends teal XD

      I'll check it out when I can.

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    • i just got into Futurama and i feel bad for not watching the sooner ;-;



      i watched The Emoji Movie today :o better than i expected

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    • Ooooooh I wanna watch The Emoji Movie.

      I'm starting school tomorrow, my hair is now a dark blue where the teal used to be, and I already have my outfit planned.

      Vans, a black shirt with the solar system on it that I got from Free State in Nevada, with jeans.

      Soooooo original and creative.

      I don't get why people dress up all fancy and shit (I cuss a lot XD If you didn't know) while I'm like, "It's just another day at school. What about it? We get a schedule, explore the school, and laugh with our friends about our shitty IDs. What's new?"

      I'm currently watching FRIENDS because I don't have friends, so I'm watching what it's like. And then I'm watching D.C. Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Degrassi: Next Class, and I'm going to watch something else soon.

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    • i liked it

      i start school the 28th. we also can't have unnatural dyed hair. i'm going to wear the same thing as always, jacket, jeans, and converse

      the most original

      it doesn't make sense: most girls wear something fancy when it's just school (everything you do matters in school, like the clothes you wear. you are classified as emo if you wear dark clothes but i told you the reason why i wear dark clothes and called depressed if you don't smile often which in reality most of us feel nothing all the time) and guys wear something "cool". i hate how kids turn out

      i'm on season theee of Futurama, i watch a season a day (help) and i'm freaking addicted. the character Fry is so lovable. but tomorrow we might go to iFly (it's this indoor shydiving place and i'm excited because i always wanted to fly

      yeah, i'll be unblocked the 29th of July 2018, rip me

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    • RIP Kat

      I've done iFly before. I was really scared at first, but it's so fun. Just don't be afraid.

      I started school today and the older kids scared me. But I saw a guy with blue hair and I AM ON A MISSION TO TALK TO HIM AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH HIM. HE SEEMS COOL. 

      And people were wearing jean skirts and leggings with adidas and i'm like, "I'm wearing my old vans :3" 

      My gym teacher said that no one can have their phones out in the locker rooms, the boys are the most crazy in the locker room, and that girls can't take pictures in the locker room. Like, what do they expect us to take pictures of? Does he think the girls will be doing nudes? No. We won't. We're civilized. UNLIKE THE BOYS

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    • -;

      i'm just kinda nervous i guess

      mostly every boy in the school has dark/brown hair and blonde highlights because it's cool. but at school you have lots of friends and is really popular (good popular) or you're popular for the worst reason ever (includes me, i don't wanna go into detail, super embarrassing). bet he is

      i have the same style shoes but not the same, the old pair is really torn up, good job converse, you lasted me the year

      PE at my school is hell. you talk too much in the girls locker room, running (if they are nice, one day) and on Thursday (school starts later) the girls have to write while the boys play games (also the boys get the play football while girls run track, and if the boys have the track, running in the gym) my sister complains it isn't fair (and i got all the stuff about the girls from my sister and friends) oh and you can't have your phone out but girls do it anyway. the boys just kinda get done with what they have to do

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    • I was yelling at him that I liked his backpack, but he was just staring at me. I was like, "DO I NEED TO SAY IT IN FRENCH? J'aime votre sac à dos!!!" He just stared at me from where I was sitting on the floor with my friends.

      I might just go up and sit beside him and talk. That's what I do best.

      I really want checkered vans. I really do.

      PE at my school will be hell too. I am just waiting for it.

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    • sorry for not responding, i was grounded for staying up until like 3 (my mom is waking me up early because school stars in like 2 weeks)

      XD i can only speak the smallest bit of spanish, i took spanish class in like preschool and i didn't like it

      that's usually the best option

      well then go get those checkered vans *tries to be moving*

      welp, i know i'll have to run and the closest thing i did to running today was jogging a short distance to catch up to my mom when we were shopping

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    • I've been in school since last Thursday :,(

      I can speak French, and not Spanish. Even though I'm from a Spanish family who talks to each other in Spanish, but my mom's side, my sister, and I are the exceptions.

      He's our friend now XD I have his number and we call him Blue because his name is Cobalt. He's pretty cool and doesn't know who's who yet, but that's fine. He'll learn soon. Two girls in my group already like him and one of them is always talking to him and touching his hair. At one point, I picked her up by the waist and carried her away because she was having a hair fetish moment. It was weird.

      I am pooooor though and I don't want to seem neeeeeeedyyyyyy by asking for them.

      We do a lot of things, but the thing I want to do is running because I want to do more track or cross country in high school.

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    • rip

      i'm not good at speaking spanish. my nana's cleaning ladies speak spanish so.. *shrug*

      what kind of a name is Cobalt XD? if i was him i would be annoyed at the friend touching my hair and always talking to me XD. that's weird

      i'm poor too and i get one pair of shoes and they last me the year, your should see my shoes from last year. and i'm so poor we didn't go to iFly because it's like $150 for 2 minutes of flying

      we do football sometimes, we do soccer rarely, other than that we're running or some torture training. i'm bulky so i don't like to run, also i get a migraine if i get overheated because of something wrong with me (idk, something like tonslillar ectopia or something)

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    • Just got released from school 25 minutes ago :P

      I can speak some things, but not a lot.

      I like his name. It's cool. I've never seen someone name their child a shade of blue/a mineral or whatever. I tried to braid his hair today but he just shook his head and looked at me XD He then explained that it hurts when people braid his hair.

      I have really dirty old fashioned vans and only new black ones with a Rose design on the sides.

      I have no idea what we're going to do, but all the girls are really awkward about changing in the locker rooms, but I don't really care. I mean, I'm not going to walk around in my bra and underwear, but I don't care about people seeing my back and legs.

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    • you're probably in school put sorry i didn't reply yesterday, we took my papa to the doctor then we went out for lunch, then all this crazy stuff happened. also i get like no sleep because i go to bed at like 2 then forced to wake up at around 7

      i've seen many weird names in my school but nothing like Cobalt. not many guys like their hair braided but at my school, the man bun is really popular

      i got new black converse like a week ago, because we're too poor to afford jordans and stuff (also i don't like the low tops of whatever they're called, so bye nike). sounds nice

      my sister says she doesn't even take her shirt off, she just chances shirts under her shirt while other girls will literally walk around in their bras and underwear while the guys are like "once i take my shorts/jeans off, i have to put my PE shorts on so quickly" because it's awkward (i think this is why so many people are gay/les i'm middle school) to see people staring at you (and sometimes you get picked on because it's small) and you just want to punch them.

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    • It's fine. I would have been at lunch and could have messaged you back.

      There are a lot of weird names in my school. Man buns are so great XD I love them.

      I wear Nike shoes as PE shoes. And I don't like either high top (tan lines) or ankle ones (you can see my ANKLESSSSS)

      I just pulled up sweater off, grabbed my shirt, pulled my tank top off, and pulled it on. And then I just change my shorts from underneath the very long shirt. I'm actually fine with it but others are like, " DONT LOOK AT MEEEE!!!!" It gets really annoying. I don't know what happens in the boys' locker room though.


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    • XD

      man buns are taking over

      i don't switch shoes in PE because my backpack is already really full (i have PE clothes, and my binder and that is already really heavy). wearing high tops doesn't leave a tan line because i'm always in jeans (other than PE) and the ankle ones because i find it easier to hurt your ankles (like spraining them or twisting them)

      i take my jacket off and if the shirt i'm wearing is long enough i'll change shirts first then use the length of my PE shirt as i put my shorts on.

      i like gay couples too. i don't know why people hate gay couples so much too

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    • My dad doesn't get my texts anymore :P I can text freely. But I'm not going to go around, asking for people's numbers, unless I've known them for a while or are friends with them. Or closer. Like me and Katelyn, we're inseparable.


      I do because I wear vans or converse or slip-ons, so I change my shoes because I don't want shin splints. They hurt, a lot.

      My clothes are too big because I have a small body with limp noodles arms (my legs are better because I run a lot. My friend was poking my calf muscle and he yells, "WHAT IS THAAAAAT?!?!!"). We had part of a fitness test (before my class got kicked out of the gym for being too loud) and I did 3 push-ups and 18 curl-ups when my friend, Priscilla, did 3 push-ups and 50 curl-ups. I'm just too weak and unfit.

      GAY COUPLES ARE CUUUUUUUTE. I just find couples that know when to stop making out or stop touching each other cute. Like a casual peck when passing each other in the halls or a casual peck before leaving for their next class. That's cute. Eating each other's faces off like an alien isn't.

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    • my mom reads my texts and my sisters and my sister told me that she would rather be male and i'm pretty sure my mom read that (i know this because she told me)


      my clothes are big because i like them big (also i'm fat and they get stretched out). i like to poke my thighs because they jiggle and it's so weird (it's like a joke between my friends because i'm the fattest of them). i can barely do 5 push-ups but i know i can do over 70 curl ups because i did it once (it was maybe 80, despite me being so unfit)

      i like gay couples because most of them are awkward (despite the growing lgbt+ community) probably because they know they will be judged at school. you can't even hold hands at school because it's counted as pda (or whatever it's called) and "you shouldn't be dating someone in middle school, even as 6th and 7th graders", and yes, people were dating in 6th grade and the girls would cry about breaking up. and eating each other's faces off is discussing and they are secretly saying "haha you don't have a boy/girlfriend"

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    • XD I used to hate texting when my dad. could read them. It was so awkward.

      I don't like tight shirts/shorts/anything (except skinny jeans. I'm fine with those) I also don't get why girls feel the need to be extremely skinny and guys to be extremely fit. It makes no sense. Can't people like people for their personality? It's all on looks now. At least, I choose who I like based off their personality and if I actually talk to them. My thighs jiggle too, but I don't really care because other girls are just skin and bones and it makes me gag.

      Ive been in a relationship once before and we didn't do much PDA at all, just talked and hung out with friends. But, other couples were HUGE PDA fans. It was gross. Slight PDA is cute, in roleplay and out, but stopping to practically eat each other makes me have to stifle nmy vomit.

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    • yeah

      i don't either because it feels like it clings to you and it's annoying. msot girls complain of being fat when they have the smallest belly and it's like "wtf, you're skinny" and the guys are like "must be cool to be someone" and that's basically why i'm no one. yeah, most girls like guys for their looks and not their personality, while i only have friends because of my personality (all my friends are fairly skinny). when girls are just skin and bone, it discusts me (unless they have some medical condition that makes them that skiny, i guess).

      i haven't been in a relationship before and i'm like "i can't stand the couples that will walk side by side in the hallway and then act all weird (the girl is usually all over the guy) and then give a little peck when they leave for the day, like you'll see eachother tomorrow of through Snapchat. which most Snapchats consist of 'i miss you :('."slight PDA is fine, but literally attacking each other is gross and no one wants to see it

      this age makes me vomit tbh, like, the music is like imma *bleep* you're a *bleep* we're all *bleep*s in a *bleep* car, gettin' all them *bleep*s... and i hate it so much while i'm over here with with my spotify playing bon jovi (some music today is fine, like imagine dragons and maroon 5) also not to mention dating in 5th grade and having instagram in 3rd grade, (i don't have any form of social media, my mom is even cautious of me talking to you because you could be some gay hairy 40 year old dude that will want to take me away, and i'm like "i know she's not some gay 40 year old dude") it's insane

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    • Yea. It's really weird. And tight shirts are uncomfortable on a lot of levels. Also, I know a girl who is just skin and bones from a medical condition she has (Her name is Faith and she's really, REALLY nice), but the popular girls that are literally walking twigs make me want to throw up. It looks so unhealthy and weird. Like a really skinny hairless cat.

      YEAAAAA. Girls are all over the guys now, it's weird. Has no one heard of a personal bubble? My advisory teacher even put up a sign in the hall that said "Couples who make out in the halls: you think you look cute, but you actually look like you're trying to eat each other. Please stop." I really like my advisory teacher, though. He said if you're tired during school (since we're on a block schedule), come into my classroom and you can take a nap on the floor during brunch and lunch. He's like 6'6 and I'm like 5'1, so I have to stare up at the sky to see him.

      Music these days are gross. It's all about drugs and alcohol and hooking up. Can't people make normal music? Like (I was going to say Jason Aldean or The 1975, but nah)... I don't know. I can't even think of anyone who makes normal music anymore.

      I can also assure you that I'm not a gay 40-year-old hairy dude (I've been called a lot of things like a trash can, an emo chick, etc., but never that.). I'm a girl with blonde and blue hair that reaches just below my shoulder blades with blue eyes and a short height of 5'1. I'm 11 (turning 12 in December) and I have no social media because I'm "not responsible yet". I don't plan on finding you and kidnapping you. I swear. I just want someone to talk to when my friends are busying actually having lives. I sit in my room all day, watching Youtube or Netflix.

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    • We got yelled at for shouting and it was all because of one guy in my group that decided it was a great time to scream when this teacher was walking past. It has been a great day so far.

      I'm referred to as "the girl with the blue hair" and now it's lunchtime.

      (/•-•)/ Praise the lunchtime \(•-•\)

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    • girls and guys is so old, i love seeing gay/les couples because they are pretty rare (i feel like lesbians are more popular)

      Imagine Dragons make normal music XD (or in my opinion, although there is this really catchy Eminem, called Shake That or something, but i only like the beginning, you can find it in the "you reposed in the wrong neighborhood")

      i'm 12 and like 5'6 with largeish bones and not skinny but not super fat with short curly hair. also have no social medias because my mom is so scared about finding out where i live and such and i'm like "my god, i'm fine."

      the person that screamed would get in trouble and asked to leave the classroom.

      praise luchtime *bows to lunchtime*

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    • oh and because it's Eminem, i suggest you listen with earbuds if you haven't already XD

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    • Some heterosexual couples are cute, but homosexual couples are so cute because they stand out from the crowd and don't care about people who think homosexual people are bad people. I don't even get why people think that.

      And yea, Imagine Dragons has made some pretty good songs that are actually normal. I've been listening to Quinn XCII, Jon Bellion, The 1975 (I've been listening to them for a year and I know a lot about them), and some Panic! At The Disco. But I also have listened to Eminem because my friend, Isaak, always plays his music and my dad plays a bunch of his songs. They're about his life, but he never stumbles over his words and the songs are catchy. Like I Love The Way You Lie (Part I) and I Love The Way You Lie (Part II) which are pretty good. He'd made other collaborations, but those are some are the most common, with Rihanna.

      I'm allowed to get social media when I'm 13, but I don't think they know about AJCW. And I do have Discord, but I haven't been on it in a while because of school and stuff.

      Mr. Ritchie is a nice teacher, but can be strict sometimes. He's a science teacher and science isn't my greatest subject (Math and history are.), but he makes it really funny.

      We have brunch and lunch in our block schedule, so I have block 1, advisory, brunch, block 2, lunch, block 3, dismissal. We are on the odd-even schedule too and today I think I have even 4.

      I practically live in my school sweatshirt and I'm like, "It's spirit wear! Go Mustangs!" I also wore a tank top yesterday, even though we're not allowed to, and I frantically put on my flannel when the yard duty (that I have beef with. She tried to dress code me in my black shorts that were perfectly fine for school) was walking around and dress-coding people.

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    • Also, my friend thinks she's emo and has depression and she is a perfectly fine human being.

      When I used to cut and actually had depression, I was nothing like her because she has a perfectly normal life. I got caught in class when there were scars on my wrists and was sent to the school counselor while she is fine, nothing is wrong with her.

      I pretty sure she's just doing it for attention or is trying to attract a guy's attention.

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    • yeah

      i'm fine with the artists or "grown-ups" singing the lyrics to Eminem's songs but when kids do it, it annoys me. but other than that i'm fine with all the cussing and stuff because i watch people like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and Pewdiepie and vines (idk, i guess because the "rip vine" videos are so good).

      my mom is still not completely trusting me (so much so i can't charge my phone in the living room or my room at nights, like before i go to bed. but i find something on youtube then i get distracted by another thing) but she knows about the AJCW thing (she also gets my emails, like "how protective do you have to be, like my god." and she doesn't trust you to be a girl my age XD. while i have piles of proof). my parents are strict and i hate it, not to mention my mom has f a c e b o o k as her main place to go (she has a twitter but she doesn't use it that often)

      my old RELA teacher was really nice, but she left the school to teach SECOND GRADE. my science teacher was cool too but she left due to her having a baby (i think she named her Olivia, can't remember)

      we have lunch in the middle of everything (they serve breakfast at the beginning of the day, so if you miss that, good luck not starving) but we have different lunches. b-lunch is 11:50-12:20 (mostly 7th) c-lunch is 12:22-12:52 (8th grade) and d-lunch is 12:52-1:22 (7th and 8th)

      i live in a dark grey jacket because it is light and being a jacket, it's easy to take off, i switch to a thicker jacket in the winter. this one girl (she's popular) and she got so mad that when we had to write a convincing letter to the principle of things that we can change in the school, she did the dress code thing (like being able to wear leggings and shirt shorts) and i'm thinking "well, they have those things dress coded for a reason." smh

      in school the stereotype for being emo/depressed is "wearing dark clothes, not smiling, never happy." i'm classified as emo because i never smile (i don't have to smile all the time), wear dark clothes (i only wear a dark jacket and shoes because that go with everything. i wear light colored shirts and jeans too) and never happy (i do t have to be happy all the time, in fact most of the time i feel nothing)

      i neve cut, but one of my deepest secrets is when i'm so mad, i usually hurt myself (just like pinching really hard or kicking a wall) because it takes me forever to calm down after getting mad (and i hate to store all that anger inside me because if i hit someone or yell, i get my phone taken away and i feel like that's the only way to calm me down because i can release that anger. not trying to draw attention or lying). but when my wrist was healing from the scratch from bear (it's on the back of my wrist) some girl asked me what happened and i responded "cat scratch" and she just looked at me like "whatever, that's probably not the truth." but i was a big scratch that left a big scar.) one of my friends used to cut, and she never showed everyone (just close friends like me and her friend that tried to commit suicide). now the friend that tried to commit suicide while she was on a group call or something and the people she was on a call with freaked out and called the police (she wasn't there the next day)

      most people do things for attention now. it's sad

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    • I cuss like a sailor and I do it casually, not in every sentence. I hear like fifth graders cussing in every sentence and fourth graders using substitutes for it in every sentence (frick, heck, crap, etc.) it's so annoying.

      My parents are strict too because of having two older siblings who did bad stuff and are now EXTREMELY successful, but they don't want me to repeat the mistakes. And I seriously not a bad person. I get her protectiveness, but I seriously am just a girl that likes to roleplay and talk with people. I do talk a lot, I will be honest.

      My teachers are pretty cool, but this one PE teacher, Mr. Maxwell, I don't like. He kicked my class and I out of the gym for being loud and today, he was yelling at only my class to run faster or pace themselves on the pacer test. We did The Fitness Gram Pacer Test or whatever and I threw up after. Yay for having an inactive body. I can run track, with soft turns, but not when you have to ten 180 and continuing running.

      Both 8th and 7th are out at Brunch and Lunch, but we stay to our designated sides. 7th on the left, 8th on the right.

      I get the dress code, but this one yard duty dress codes anyone, even if it fits the rules. The principal walked past me with my black shorts on and just smiled and waved while this lady stopped me and gave me a "warning". Most like being scolded for trying to wear shorts when it was hot out.

      I'm scene because my hair is blue, I live in jeans and a sweatshirt, and always wear old fashioned vans or black ones with roses on the side. I just wear those because I'm self conscious about my body. Not like, "IM UGLY!" like the popular girls, but because of how I used to be and how I feel like people will stare at my skin like, "You piece of sh*t excuse for a person for cutting. We all know you did it for attention." I'm just self conscious and only because I don't want to be noticed and because guys only choose girls on how they look. I'm not the prettiest girl, I don't have the skinniest body, I don't have the longest legs, I don't have the most perfect skin, so I don't what people to stare at me in disgust for not fitting the norm.

      I haven't known anyone who has tried to commit suicide or cut because everyone has a happy life, but they act like it's depressing and sad. I do have the same issues in my life like the people who pretend to be sad, but they weren't what caused me to cut myself. I also don't shout out my problems like under-eating, anxiety, small depression issues, and being afraid to show myself or even speak up, but I know people that do it and irritates me so bad to think that they think problems that are normal problems everyone has is a worthy excuse for being "depressed" or "suicidal". I know what it feels like because I was a person that was both of those words, but I don't shout to everyone to love me and care for me because of it. I haven't told anyone at all about it except you.

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    • i rarely cuss, but in my head (what i want to say) it's a storm (my mom doesn't want me to cuss until i'm 18, like mom, i get exposed to cussing a lot. you do it so often). i say heck and sometimes frick

      my parents are strict because i'm the oldest (i would be a a middle child if the first one survived)

      i stick out because i'm not like the rest, an introvert, tall, quiet, and have the weirdest friends

      people try to make up all these problems just to get sympathy from other and it's disgusting. people that do think that they will get all this attention and help but most people will just say "don't go telling us your personal problems. if you have these problems, go get help to fix them." people that do that discust me because depression and suicide thoughts are serious problems

      an area about 240 miles away from us is supposed to be hit by a hurricane and we are close enough to get hit by a tropical storm (unless it get bigger). Hurricane Harvey

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    • Yea. My sister is 16 and she cusses most of the time.

      I'm the youngest and are treated like a 5-year-old. Except my clothes, I don't wear bright pink unicorn shirts and skirts. I wear r shirts that go you to my collarbone and jeans that go to my navel. And my legs are weird. My hips are kinda wide, with slightly thick thighs, slightly skinny calves, and I'm a no-waist problems, so it goes ribs to hips. My body is weird, but I love it. I'm proud of my body.

      I stick out because my hair is blue, im short for a spanish female, with the weirdest friends in the school.

      Yea. My friend got up and walked away from the group because "she wanted to be depressed somewhere else." SHE WAS LITERALLY SMILING AND LAUGHING AND BEING HAPPY, and then gets up, says that, and leaves. I literally scream after her, "DEPRESSION IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM, IVETTE. DONT JOKE ABOUT IT." And my friends just yelled at me to quiet down and Ivette just turned around, glared, and walked away. I was so offended and mad and irritated and wanted to run after her and slap her. Suicidal thoughts and depression destroys people and causes them to KILL THEMSELVES and she thinks it's fine to do that to obviously get attention from Cobalt.

      As I said before, I talk a lot. And I talk very quickly and stumble over my words a lot. I was trying to explain how my culinary teacher made chunky watermelon juice named something else and I said pineapple in the middle of it instead of watermelon. It was so random that I also fell off my chair from laughing.

      DONT DIE. I need chuuuuu. Bb plzzzz.

      I really don't like text slang, but I used it for a purpose 👍 yeaaaa

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    • wow

      talk about mood swings .3. but that's now how depression works, i would send her a screen shot of the depression symptoms.

      i don't talk that much and talk a lot around my friends. once you get to know me, i talk a lot. once i was sitting in the car with my sister and brother (i'm in the passenger side) while my mom ran into Walmart and the song "Sail" came on and right before the lead singer said "sail" i said "yard". we all started laughing and i was like "i just realized how weird it is to just say "yard"

      i won't die. don't u worry


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    • Mhmm. Girls suck. I'm actually going to get into an argument with ANOTHER girl tomorrow because she is holding a grudge against my friend and blocked her for not sharing a piece of pizza and for not inviting her to six flags. WTF Maya. And now, I'm going to have to yell at her to get it through her thick skull that life isn't always happy. She used the excuse, "I don't have pizza at my house." And "I have no food." when people won't give her food. It's her problem because she ALWAYS forgets her lunch and is ALWAYS rude to people. No one is going to "contribute to her cause" because she is never nice or considerate to others. If you're rude to life, it'll come and bite you back.

      I do talk a lot to my friends, but in class, I'm practically invisible. I will go with friends to talk to random people, but when I'm alone, I feel vulnerable and like people could physically and verbally hurt me.

      XD This guy in math class yelled out, "YOGURT!" And we all started laughing because we noticed how weird of a word yogurt is.

      Okay. Good. Don't die. I need you. You will actually listen to me banter, unlike others who just start talking over me or ignore me. I realized that I do get ignored a lot. Wow. Am I that annoying? Hmm. Maybe.


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    • wtf, girls are so dramatic (most of 'em). like, if someone doesn't want to share pizza or invite you somewhere, so what? you don't always have to get what you want all the time. and the "i don't have pizza at my house." part is so stupid, that isn't our fault. and "i have no food" is so fake. most people don't actually have food and it's not our fault if she forgets her lunch (it may be an attempt to get free food). girls are so complicated.

      i talk to my friends but to most people i'm invisible. i took karate for like 3 years and have quick reflexes (thanks karate), like my brother will walk up behind me and i will backhand his stomach on accident and he is like "abuse". i'm also stronger than i think and look so people that often make fun of me is like "i bet i could beat you in a fight" and i'm like "try me :I" and they are like "ha. whatever." but keep in mind, i'm taller than most people in my grade

      yogurt is a weird word, but the weirdest word must be moist *scratches chin*

      the hurricane is supposed to hit then go back to the gulf of mexico then come and hit us by tuesday (won't be my first hurricane) and we may miss the frist day of school :o extended days of summer (possibility, going back to school monday if it doesn't do anything). but i could listen to you all the time. i get ignored alot too, but you're not annoying

      i don't add puncuation at the end of my text but i will do it in the middle of the text if i'm done with the sentence. i try to correct all mispelled words. most people do things like u, r, ur (this is painful, but i don't mind btw, gtg, wtf, wth, and other stuff but mainly wtf and wth because i don't want to see the actual words when my mom can see it) and when people do things like "do u want to go 2 the movies tomorrow" hnng this hurts

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    • I won't even be like, "Uh. No we aren't. We just have a lot of things we have to do." Girls are dramatic, moody, and complicated af. It sucks being one because you get caught up in girl issues and apparently, have to impress guys.

      People are always like, "You wanna fight?" And I'm like, "Sure. Put some action into my dumb life." And they say, "Whatever. I'd beat you anyway." So, since I look like a string bean and are actually one, people automatically know they can beat me? So, what I'm weak? I got my posse to defend me and girls' slaps are like being hit in the face by a truck. Trust me, I should know. I've been slapped multiple times.

      And these girls always slap me in the stomach and in the chest. I yell, "AHHHHH! MY BOOB! WHYYYY!?!!!" Because it actually hurts, but it's hilarious to see guys' reactions. This guy named Devin accidentally punched my chest and I was like, "That hurt so much! I'm going by to have a bruise now." He said, "Oh. I'm so sorry. I didn't even know boobs could get bruised." I couldn't even be mad, I was laughing too hard.

      I don't mind moist. Chuckle, giggle, and caress are weird words to me.

      You aren't in school yet??!! I've been in school for two weeks and 2 days. You lucky child. And thank you, for listening to me and not finding me annoying. You're a first. I dearly appreciate that.

      Yeeeea. I don't mind wtf, wth, btw, FYI, etc. but overly using test slang in one sentence pains me. Don't people take English classes anymore? Or at least literature? I took a literature class and are in English and spelling isn't that hard.

      I want certain ear piercings and for some time, I wanted a nose piercing, but now I would just want a small stub instead of an extravagant ring. I think septum piercings are cool, especially with clickers, but not when they're huge and hang down in front of your lip. Because of my piercing choices, my friend (who had the whole pizza problem, who isn't really my friend but whatever) was like, "Uh, maybe you should just choose one or two, but not a nose stud." My reaction; "UH-UM, did I ask for your opinion? No. I don't think I did. Sorry."

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    • yeah

      the only time i get to fight was in karate but i don't do that any more :/

      update: i don't start school until September 5th because most areas are flooded, so the whole district is shut down. ;) i've met many annoying people in my life and you're not one of them

      it's not hard at all, it's like: "go back to school if you don't know how to spell "you". because it looks like all you know is the last letter, "u"."

      that would be cool, but at my school guys can't have pearcings in their ears. i would be like "it's my face and i can do what i want with it. if you don't like it, then you can just go away and never have to look at it again. and, was i asking you what piercings i should get?" that "friend" sounds really annoying

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    • Did you watch the fight last night?

      The only time I fight is never. Or with a punching bag in the garage when my sister an drew I used to workout.


      I will give people who use text slang too much a dictionary, so they can learn to spell. It's necessary in life. You can't walk into a job with a resume that says, "Gr8 grammar skillz. Plz hire meh."

      It's my body. I can do what I want with it. I can get tattoos. I can get piercings. It isn't my friends' responsibility to say, "Oh, you can't get that. It doesn't fit the trend." No. Screw trends. Screw the norm. Be yourself and do whatever you want.

      Except things that are illegal.

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    • no?


      it's not that lucky. i'm in the tub with my brother, sister, and mom (outside of tub) while the dogs, Bearbear, and Frosty are walking around (Shylie is somewhere else in the house, couldn't grab her) because of tornado warnings (i think we're fine). wait, the lights are deciding if they should be on or not. we're out now .3.

      just for their birthday, give them a dictionary and on the inside it says "to improve your grammar in text." and also, it's more like: "grate grammer. shuld hire meh. me will b gud hlp."



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    • Between Mayweather and McGregor? It was like watching cats fight because it's boxing and not UFC, so it wasn't fighting. Not grabbing or hitting from behind.

      Don't die! I need chuuu. I'll go back to being depressed and all that is you lead me :c

      Yes, that's what their resume will say. And I probably will. Seems like a good idea for a birthday gift.

      People are so judgemental now a days. Like my grandma hates my hair, my friends dislike my choices of piercings, and the only person who judges me, but isn't rude about it is actually a cat and is Gizmo.

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    • oh, nope

      i won't die, but the street is flooded and i'm going to take a picture of that

      yeah, it doesn't make sense for people to hate something about you just because what you choose do do/wear


      street flooded, raining hard with almost no breaks

      my street floods because there is a river in there forest that overflows and the drains can't keep up with it
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    • Well, Mayweather won. But he doesn't care about anything except himself and money. I wanted McGregor to win because he's the underdog AND they made him fight in a type that he isn't a professional in like Mayweather.

      Wow. That's like California. California rarely has rain, but since we have such flat ground, our streets turn into rivers, and our fields turn to mush.

      People can worry about themselves.

      We had a flood on the side of the road once where it turned into a literal river. It was in like Glendale or Oakland or something.

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    • selfish much

      my mom said i can go see how far it flooded once the rain lets up, but i don't think that will be any time soon. pur roads rise in the middle so then the water flows down and i got the area of the drains


      our street rarely floods, but when it does, it's fun

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    • Mayweather got about 300 million off of the fight and McGregor got 75 million.

      That'll be fun. I like staying dry, so I don't go out much. I do go out when I'm forced to or we're going out to get food, but normally I'm inside. On Wattpad or Netflix. That's why I'm not tan and people don't believe I'm Spanish because of my height and the tone of my skin.

      I started watching Fuller House and now I'm almost done with it. I also made a new Wattpad account called Traveling_Tides. Then my Discord is Snow#8338, blah blah blah.

      I have a horrible headache, like always. It's great being an under-eater and rarely eating or drinking because then you get headaches and always throw up if you eat when feeling repulsive.

      I hate when people try to relate to my problems when they actually have no idea what is wrong with me. It's not comforting, it seems like mockery and is annoying.

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    • wow

      it's fun :D. but the weather people say that Harvey (the hurricane/tropical storm) will be moving back over the gulf and curve and hit us directly (we might love power, it said it hits on Wednesday) so wish me luck

      i find random things on YouTube or watch Rick and Morty every Sunday or watch some anime (rarely)

      don't die bb ;-;


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    • I know. Everything is about money nowadays.

      The last time we lost power was... about 5 years ago. I don't remember what it was from, but my whole town lost power. My life isn't very exciting, except for when we travel.

      I watch certain people on Youtube, find shows on Netflix, and haven't watched anime in months. My english teacher really likes anime though, but he's really weird.

      I won't, I promise. Just make sure you don't die bb

      Or when people act like they have no emotion. They're all edgy and crap. I just want to throw my bag at them and see who hits the ground first.

      That sounded very weird, but that's who I am.

      I really want to continue playing Ori And The Blind Forest because it's very entertaining, but frustrating. 

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    • it really is

      wow. my life is the exact same way, super boring

      i sometimes find new people on YouTube and when there is noting to watch, i go to Netflix or rewatch something (maybe learn the lyrics of a song, recently fell in love with Glass Animals .3.)

      it's just wind and rain, i'll be fine

      i started playing that game but i didn't get very far because my brother hogs the computer

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    • Same.

      Me too. What's Glass Animals? The indie rock band?

      Good. *pat pat* I told my friends about the hurricane thing and me talking to you about having headaches from undereater and Alex says, "HE LOVES YOU!?" My reaction was, "*blink. Blink* Yes?"

      I want to get the second game afternoon I finish the first. I got it with my dad's Xbox one.

      I told only two of my friends I was bisexual and they supported me, but I'm scared to tell anyone else.

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    • Glass Animals are an English indie rock band from Oxford consisting of members Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer, and Joe Seaward. -Wikipedia. *shrugs*

      now the weather people are saying that it will hit near Galveston and not us, so we'll just get a bit of rain but you should see the news (it's all people on boats looking at the flooded highways. there is a highway so underwater one of the signs that is like 20ft tall had about 6-8ft of it above water, not good with words) and there is a bunch of people that have been saved and evacuated. ;)

      we use the laptops/desktops

      i support the LGBT+ community because my friend is demisexual

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    • Yea. Used to listen to indie folk/pop/rock and I still do.

      WOW. That's a lot. We rarely get floods. We get fires. There have been 5 fires by the freeway I live by and the land is just charred and black. It's really sad.

      I use the Xbox since I'm used to the controller.

      I haven't told anyone because I'm afraid of being judged. Cobalt's friend back in Washington is transgender, but her mom hated it and yelled at her. I know being bisexual isn't that bad, but my family believes hardcore into the norm and I'm not apart of that. I don't want them to hate me.

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    • we don't usually get fires (unless they are set by someone or they are house fires) because of it being so humid where i live

      i'm use to the Playstation controllers

      no one can help it if they're trans (unless they do the procedure thingy) and it's sad that people make fun of trans people just because they're transgender. it's honestly wrong. i don't like the norm because you don't stand out (that can be bad sometimes, and most people don't want to stand out) and it gets boring after a while

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    • California is just desert and that's why we're always in a drought. We're a desert at a higher elevation and we always have hill fires.

      I've never played on a PlayStation.

      Yea. It's just people trying to be themselves and they get poked and prodded at for it. That's why people think I'm straight and I'm never told anyone I'm bisexual for the 6th months I've been bisexual. People choose to be who they are, what gender they are, and what their sexual orientation. This girl I told asked me when they told me I was bi and I just asked, "What? What do you mean?" And she said, "When did the doctors tell you you were bisexual?" I just replied with, "Oh, no. I chose to be bi. Im too straight for the lesbian world and too lesbian for the straight world. I'm a stick in the middle."

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    • some of Texas is dry, but other parts are really humid

      we have a PlayStation 3 and 4

      obviously someone doesn't know what bisexuality is XD. my sister told me that if she was a guy, she would be gay (she actually hates being female, she wants to be male and i honestly don't blame her even though i'm not female). i'm still deciding on my sevuality, straight, bisexual, asexual

      i have to do this stupid book project thingy and i was going to do a book cover but the questions on that is rediculous (i'll do one) "Describe 2-3 main characters and provide a picture* of each (drawn or printed)" on tHE INSIDE FLAP. i'm sitting here like "HOW TF IS 2-3 PICTURES AND 2-3 DESCRIPTIONS GOING TO FIT ON A F**KING INSIDE FLAP??". so i did the emoji one, where i have to do an emoji response for every chapter (36 chapters) and a reason why i did that emoji. freaking school

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    • Nevada is way more humid than where I am. I miss it. We have all this open land and it was safe because no one really tried to rob you because there were no alleyways to lurk in. Except for The Strip. Gotta be careful there.

      Lucky. We have two Xboxs and an Xbox one. And a broken wii.

      Yea. Just kinda. And it isn't anyone else's decision, but yours. I'm not aromantic, I really don't know what I am. But sexuality isn't what should greatly defines you. I'm have an internal debate on whether I'm bisexual or pansexual.

      Wow. Smart. My school is just:

      • History: Paragraph summaries
      • Science: Nothing lately
      • Math: Basic math questions and an occasionally worksheet
      • English: All types of crap
      • Culinary: Nothing. Cooking food, I guess
      • PE: We have to practice a Romanian dance because we're doing dances from all different countries
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    • we have crime like road rage and shootings

      we have a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and two xbox 360s (my dad got another one when he was in the oil field)


      lucky .3.

      i'm taking the time out of my life to learn Norwegian, and it's hard

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    • My nails are kinda long, so they're frantically tapping on the screen to scroll down. It's kinda funny.

      We have had shootings, and car chases, and crashes, and theft. But as you go into the bigger cities, it gets way worse. I live in a very populated town where all this happens. That's why I stay in my room all day, or go out with friends and family, but not alone. I'm not even allowed in the backyard alone.

      One of the Xbox 360's is broken and my sister uses the other for Netflix. I use the Xbox one in the living room the most.

      I'm having a very big internal debate between being bisexual or pansexual and being biromantic or pan-romantic. I only just told people about being bisexual and if I then switch to being pansexual, people will think I'm "confused" with life. People will think I chose to be bi or pan because I'm desperate for love and opened up that way to get it, but no, that's just who I choose to be.

      I only have Culinary and math today because it's a minimum day. Woooo. And I hate English. I like writing, but my teacher is so weird.

      I want to take my time to learn Spanish or French. Most likely French because Spanish is so generic.

      This is my flag. But I'm still having the debate on being bi or pan, so it's just a bi flag with a panromantic heart in the middle. That's who I am right now.

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    • XD

      i live in a calm neighborhood but a crazy area

      we don't relly play on the xbox that much

      most people are desprate for love, but sometimes people don't even want love and the people that are desprate for love are annoying. most people have a boyfriend/girlfriend just because they like the idea of it (not to mention they probably don't even have a crush on them, the longest relationship last year was like 3 months or something)or maybe they just think it makes them look mature or something, when i realitiy, having a boyfriend/girlfriend in 6th grade is stupid (even 5th graders have boyfriends/girlfriends). but once some kid once asked me if i was dating my best friend and i was like "um, no...?"

      a guess our minimum day would be on Thursday, where school starts later but we still have all our classes (3rd and 4th period are switched) and classes are like 30 minutes long

      yeah. hopefully i learn cusses in Norwegian (i might have to use google translate XD, duolingo only teaches you so much). i want to learn Norwegian because it's complicated (something that sounds like it's spelled "ad" is spelled "er". but the basics are simple; "a woman" is "en kvinne" and  "a man" is "en mann"). i learned the smallest bit of Spanish back in preschool (i dropped out because i didn't like it, i got past the colors though. then Dora came along and i lerned "please and thank you. i also had this toy that would go in Spanish and it said "Spanish" in Spanish)

      pretty :o

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    • They're going to be CLIPPED on Saturday though.

      I live in a bedroom district where everyone leaves to work somewhere else, but we still have all that crazy stuff.

      I just use it for Netflix.

      Yea. Okay, this guy stopped me in Math if I liked my friend and I said, "Not. He's like my brother." And they said, "You so do." I replied with, "Why would you ask if you have your own opinion and not even accept my answer, which is the truth?!" I've also never had a boyfriend, but have been asked out. I said no though. Dates are stupid if you feel like going and just say, "Yea. I'll go." just to say you got asked out or to not be rude. You gotta stomp on some people if necessary, but don't do it all the time. That's cruel.

      I have history, science, and PE and the only class I hate when in that order is science. I HATE science with a burning passion and my desk partner and I barely even look at each other. He asked me something and all I did was nod and return to walking. That's the farthest we've gotten.

      Dora is legendary. Dora is love. Dora is god. Hail the Spanish five-year-old we all looked up to. Literally and figuratively. I learned French to curse people out and have secret conversations with my sister.

      Yea. I've decided to be pansexual and panromantic, but I'm going to keep the pansexual part secret since I've only just come out about being bisexual. Because people will say all the "you're confused" stuff and I'll be like, "Why would I be so certain if I was confused? I don't care about parts, I care about parts. So don't call me confused when you're confused on how to deal with the situation."

      I have this new British friend who kept getting mad at me and my friend laughing so much and smiling so much. It was hilarious and only made us laugh harder.

      This lady told me my butt was showing when it really wasn't. Why was she even looking at my butt? Wtf lady.

        Loading editor

      my mom works for the school district so she works everywhere (she can work from home though) 

      the only time i've been asked out is with the "oreo" game (i said no though, it's weird if you say yes. people will get all these theroys and stuff. not that i think about it, it would be really funny to say yes because all the popular and "attractive" people play that game XD)

      science is fun at my school (ecept the cell stuff, that is super boring). i hate math and PE (math is boring and PE is HELL). the only time i hated science is when we switched desks and i was right next to a popular kid (i was at the very edge of the desk just because i wanted to get as far away from him as possible so i sat super close to the kid next to me, i'll add a crappy drawing of what the classroom looked like later)

      Dora. the savior of everyone, the childhood that will never go away (also i think she's 11). one day i might go into my room, open up google translate, and type in cusses and pratice saying them so then i can mumble it under my breath at someone or say them out loud (and it being in Norwegian, it will be hard to spell unless someone knows Norwegian). i would be the only one in my family that knows Norwegian so then i can talk about them with them not even knowing XD

      British accents are cool but they aren't my favorite (my favorite is probably Austrailian or Norwegian, my insparation to learn Norwegian even tough i won't get the accent) but it's funny to see British people mad honestly (not trying to offend them, it's the accent)

      wtf woman, weirdo

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      My mom works in a law firm. I don't know where my dad works

      What's the "Oreo" game?

      Wow. That sucks. They're a lot of popular kids in my science class. I also really like math and culinary. And sometimes PE.

      That's what me and my sister do. We cuss and have weird conversations.

      I like IRISHHHHH and ENGLISHHHH. And dimples. Dimples are ADORABLE.

      I know right. I was like, "-,-* uh okay. I won't wear them again."

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    • shook

      my dad drives trucks around the US

      "oreo" is a game like "rock paper scissors" but you chant "o-r-e-o" then the winner has to tell the loser who he/she has to go out with. ex: "o-r-e-o" pero and pert chant as they do the hand motions of rock paper scissors. pero forms their hand into a ball, resembling a rock and pert falttened their hand, resembling paper. "ha! you lose!" pert shouted at pero. pero frowned and watched as pert looked around. "them." pero looked at rand. "rand, i lost a game of oreo (will you go out with me)." rand looked at pero and shood their head. "no." rand looked away. pero smilied and they resumed oreo with pert. (roleplay because idk how else i would explain it)

      same with me. they're everywhere

      then you wear them again

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    • Shook-eth.

      That's cool. My life is pretty boring and his sounds exciting, traveling all over the US.

      I should do that with my friends. Sounds fun.

      It smells like smoke outside. YAY FOR ANOTHER HUGE CALIFORNIA FIRE. WOOOOOO

      Guys with dimples are my weakness.

      I have gotten a warning for the same pair of shorts twice and have never had to change into the brand X PE clothes (Spare PE clothes with purple spraypaint on them). I will soon probably

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    • shooken

      he sits down all day then he has to hook up the load to the cab then he gets so many hours to drive

      you should

      rip, it's dark outside and it smells like smoke



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    • Shaken

      Ha. Like me. I sit down all day.

      I will suggest it tomorrow.

      It's barely even dark and it doesn't smell like smoke anymore. Apparently it was storming, but it's dry outside.

      They are. They're adorable. Although they are flaws in the muscles of your cheeks, they're adorable.

      Mikey Manfs made a diss track of Jake Paul for a challenge Jake Paul sent out. I was watching Mikey Manfs since 50k. Now he's at 1 mill.

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    • shook'd

      i do too


      it's really dark outside

      if it's adorable, why should it even be a flaw?

      i don't like Jake Paul (sorry if i'm offending so many people, actually i'm not sorry unless i'm offending you). he thinks he can get away with everything just because he is so famous. he also doesn't care about his neighbors (plus his memes are stale, he still says "what are those" then dabs. discusting)

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    • Shook-en-eth

      Relateable. And then you drop something and are too lazy to pick it up.

      OKAY. ON THE TOPIC OF PICKING THINGS UP. I'm one of those girls that crouches down the pick things up when in shorts, yoga pants, skinny jeans, all that because I see girls who bend over and I gag because they're trying to show off their butt or bust or something. When my back is to a wall and no one can see my bootay, I bend over because I'm too lazy to take the time to crouch down when no one will be staring at my butt anyway. Unlike that lady that tried to dress code me.

      We're going to go crazy and be like, "GO ASK OUT CAMERON TANNER (a guy looks like Cameron Dallas in my school, but he's tanner so we call him that.)!!" It'll be madness because Friday is already our 'have an awkward dance party at the tables with very loud music that are songs from vines or is a meme song'. We have traditions like that.

      Yea! Exactly! They're adorable. My best friend has a dimple on her left cheek and she hates it, but I THINK ITS SO CUTE.

      I don't like him either. Logan Paul is better by the slightest, but I don't get mixed up in all that Logang and Jake Pauler stuff. It's confusing and people yell at me for not choosing a side. This guy was singing It's Everyday Bro in culinary and I was gagging.

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    • IMG 3490

      my braids are trash, I look mad but are just eating gummy bears, and my hair dye is washing out


        Loading editor
    • hh the message didn't send through ;-;



      when people do that, it's not in the slightest way attractive

      we do that too, but most of the time is chior singing the song or people dancing to songs, but my friends and i, just sing the songs horribly sometimes and it's fun


      i would have told him to stop singing or slapped him (if you weren't in a classroom or something)

      your braids look nice :o when my sister dyed her hair, it barely showed because her hair is so dark and you're really pretty

        Loading editor
    • Oh nooo :O


      I dropped my charger and almost fell off my bed trying to grab it because I didn't want to stand up.

      Kinda. *shrug*

      My friends and I have such weird traditions. Wednesday was pink day from Mean Girls. Then there's certain days where we do certain stuff throughout the year.

      Dimples are a weakness amongst ALL GIRLS.

      His name is Nicholas and he's annoying. He's two years older than me and are a grade higher than me. It was in culinary and I saw my culinary teacher yesterday because she lives across from my grandma. It was so awkward because she looked up, awkwardly waved, and walked away. I was like, "Oh my god, she knows it's me. My blue hair gives it away."

      I braid my hair myself because people pull on it and stuff and it hurts. A lot. My sister also dyed her hair and it's purple, but you can barely see it because her hair is dark brown.

      Awwwww thaaaanks ^.^ I'm not like other girls and are like, "EW NO. I LOOK LIKE A BURNT ZUCCHINI." I do sometimes when I actually do look bad and people try to be like, "You look fine." I always brush my hair before I go out and my mom is like, "You're going to school, not a date. Calm down." But my hair is kinda dead from dyeing it twice in the same week so it gets dangled easily.

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    • shoook

      i'm sitting on my couch supposed to be working on my school stuff but doing other things (like coming up with a Halloween costume, i'll tell you what it is later XD)

      my friends are all weird


      it's awkward when you have your teacher as a neighbor

      my sister doesn't let anyone braid her hair XD everyone in my family has dark brown hair

      most girls go "I'M SO FAT" when they are skinny and i don't get it. my sister always worries about her hair because it is curly and thick so it's a pain to work with (i tried to braid her hair once and i couldn't do it, it was so hard) and it gets knotted really easily (her hair also poofs up and it's funny)

      Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 2.08.14 PM

      it's pretty and has flowers :o

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    • I just flung my phone between my bed and my wall and I can't fit my arm down to the go grab it so I use a hanger, charger cable, and a magnet to get it out. It's a survival tactic.


      I'm supposed to be doing school work, but I'll do it tomorrow.

      Mine are too.

      I find dimples attractive. And green eyes.

      It is. Because they know what you're doing and will talk about how you're neighbors in class.

      I only let my sister braid my hair. My brother, sister, and mom has brown hair, my dad has black hair, and I have blonde hair with brown roots.

      I know right. I'm an average person and I don't say, "IM SO FAT!" while all the other girls in the locker room do. I'm fine with myself. And the over-average people I know are fine with themselves. Yet, all the skinny girls are insecure.

      I want to be Marie from The Aristocats. I won't buy a whole costume though, just white ears, a white tail, white knee-high socks, and a pink ribbon. My friend was a box one year and she thought it was the greatest thing ever when it was actually really stupid. She covered it in stickers too.

      I was trying to wash the dishes and my mom is closing the dishwasher, my sister is adding dishes, and my dad is doing nothing.

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    • one everyone should know



      it's annoying when people do that, and i don't get why they do it

      sounds nice :o people that do that are honestly kinda annoying, like they think they're "cool" or "random" by doing that but no (i've seen people do that before) i even got my friend's approval to be grass

      i'm on my laptop, supposed to be doing work, my mom is cleaning the cat box, and my brother is playing outside

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    • Yea. Like how skinny people shiver in the cold when others don't because it's called isolation. Bears have isolation. It's a survival tactic.


      Yay for homework. My cousin is in like the fourth grade and she was like, "We have so much homework." I said, "HA! Wait till you're my age kid. You'll have homework every day for 4-5 different classes, just get ready."

      Yeaaaaa. Imma be a kitty-cat like every other year. I was a skeleton one year and I wore a skeleton themed sweatshirt and leggings with vans and a tank top. With face paint. That was the cheapest I've ever spent a costume. This year will be cheaper. Woooo.

      My friend is going to be Lightning McQueen, but she's Karla and Lightning McQueen is god, so it's funny.

      I just made three batches of cookies. Why, people ask? Because of cravings and I wanted to make three different types of cookies so I did.

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    • yeah


      my brother doesn't have homework every day (i had homework every day in 2nd grade, he didn't) and i'm hoping he will this year (3rd grade, not to mention he has STAAR)

      this is probably the most expensve costume i've had (around $50)


      we don't have stuff for cookies ;-;

      my mom is making us get up at 7am just because she has to go to work and then we have school two days after that

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    • I haven't roleplayed on AJCW in................. more than one month and there's roleplay servers on Discord. WoAh.


      What's STAAR? And I had homework in every primary grade. I kinda miss my kindergarten homework because I still have to write a paper for English and have SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS.

      I never want my parents to spend money, or someone else's parent, on me

      I pressed Shuffle Play on Spotify and it was I Write Sins, Not Tragedies and my friend looked at me like, "You f**k." Then the next four songs were P!ATD and I was laughing so hard while he was staring at me like, "You rigged this, you suspicious woman."

      I made a lot of cookies and then my sister and I bought three tubs of ice cream because WOMAN CRAVINGSSSSS

      My mom wakes me up at 6:00 AM and I just sit in bed and don't do anything until they leave and I can blast music while doing my morning routine which isn't much.

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    • i havent roleplayed on AJCW since i got blocked and i miss UMM ;-;


      State of Texas Acedemic Assessment of Rediness or something (i'm lazy and on my laptop so i don't have my best friend autocorrect). kindergarden homework was the best

      same .3.

      i can press shuffle on my Spotify and it'll be something random then the next four songs will be completely random

      i would love to jave three batches of cookies and three tubs of ice cream, but my mom would say no

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    • UMM is just dead now. On all websites. It's sad.


      Wow. I forgot what we had in primary school. Oh, it was called CAT. California Academic Testing.

      I feel like a needy teenage girl when I do.

      Same. Like it'll be Hamilton, Andy Black, Brothers by Affairs, and then Jon Bellion. Or something, I just chose random songs.

      I really want food, but we barely have anything to eat. And we only got that because we were hungry and going to the store hungry makes you buy a lot of things.

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    • it is, especially because it was so big and though-out


      we have it for a long time


      it's like Maroon 5 or some random song, i hit shuffle or if i'm on my laptop, i will choose i song that i feel like listening to

      i want food too but we don't have anything intresting to eat, so i live off of Slim Jims and popcorn bags

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    • Yea. And it was one of my original roleplay that lasted a little while.


      We use Jupiter Ed and Juno now for testing.

      I feel like a teenage girl that went through her first breakup. I'm watching Degrassi: Next Class and have been eating ice cream with my sister all day. Now I'm just wearing a tank top and shorts while laying in bed. Yay active me.

      Same. I also choose the newest song on my Spotify because I don't want to scroll through.

      I live off Dr Pepper, peach tea, hot pockets, and microwave bacon because nobody has time to actually make bacon when you're starving.

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    • yeah, it died, then rebirth, then died


      i have to finnish this summer reading project while having to go to a lesson at around 4, i can't get a break

      i don't have premium so i'm stuck with shuffle unless i'm on my laptop

      i had Cinnamon Toast Crunch (no milk .3.) for lunch because i was too lazy to make Pizza Rolls

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    • Yes. I don't want to force people to make it alive again though.


      I just have science, math, and English to do. I hate how kids in the primary grades think they're all that with their one worksheet of homework. People in junior high and high school has homework for 4-5 classes all week and they get one thing to do each night. I never thought of myself like I was a god because my brother and sister had all this homework and I WAS GRATEFUL I DIDNT HAVE ALL THAT.

      Me too. I just press shuffle a bunch of times until I get to a song I like. I was with my friends (one was emo so he I were rocking out) and I kept pressing shuffle and it was all Andy Black, Pierce The Veil, The 1975, etc. and I was like, "I have normal people music, hold on a sec." then I put on Alessia Cara like, "Normal people music :D"

      I made cinnamon toast in culinary today and I still have the recipe. It was pretty good. I also don't eat breakfast because I lay in bed, get dressed, fix up all my stuff, then lay on the sofa and do stuff on my phone.

      I was really tired in my first class and now I'm super energetic. I think it's because I ate a bunch of sugar in culinary which was my last class, but eh.

      This kid kissed my shoulder when I was standing outside culinary with my friends and I was like, "O_o oh. Okay. Uh, okay." And everyone was laughing while I was a deer in the headlights.

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    • yeah


      i start school tomorrow ;-; my brother barely has homework while i'm working on some hard summer reading thing that i'm aiming to finish today

      i can only press shuffle once, or i go to the playlist with just the song and press shuffle, skipping song until i get the song i want


      that's so weird

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    • I'm okay with it being gone.


      I started school.. 3-4 weeks ago. I have history, math, science, and English to do right now.

      That's what I do. I press shuffle multiple times though.

      I have culinary tomorrow. YAY!

      I know, right? It was so weird. I just generally don't like people touching me because personal space please and it was just so weird.

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    • aaa sorry for not responding, things have been crazy with school staring up again

      it lived a long life


      i have to walk across the whole school like 5 times

      i have food for today (or culinary, it's a food class) next semester ;-;


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    • It's fine. My life has been horrible lately.



      I have to walk from the 4 buildings to the 6 buildings to the gym across the school. I have to go to different complexes AND IT SUCKS

      Culinary is my elective

      The touch lingers and it's weird.

      I'm cutting off all my hair. I told my mom and then she and dad asked if someone was bullying me because of it because I want to cut it so short.

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    • why?



      i have three electives (intro to programming (half semester, this semester), orchestra (whole year) and foods for today (next semester, half a semester)

      it's weird when you just think for a minute, like "he/she just touched me..."

      my sister hates short hair (meaning, she hates to have short hair)

      my parents let me have a sip of beer Thursday, it's like they want me to be and alcoholic (my dad drinks a lot of beer anyway). and thy said i could do t as long as they were watching me. but i broke the law :o

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    • Family issues.


      Why we do have to have so many classes :(

      Yea. Kinda. Sounds weird.

      My friends were either saying, you'd look good with short hair" or "DONT CUT IT!" But this one girl said, "are no. You'd look horrible with short hair." And I wanted to slap her to the moon and back.

      Wow. My parents would never let me do that. Not until I'm 21. But I don't think I want to drink when I'm older.

      I went to a party Friday night and we had this huge moshpit and it was like a rave. My two friends, Nelanny and Karla, were always in the middle. It was so fun.

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    • oh

      i have 8

      you should've

      she said if i were to do that, i'd have to be 21 (to do it when she's not looking) but she said as long as she sees me, i can do it

      the only parties i do to are birthday parties wth my friends then we act all weird and crazy

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    • I have 6. 1 hour and 35 minutes each, then there's advisory and lunch, plus brunch.

      I'm going to cut my hair soon.

      I don't plan on drinking. But there's this one drink we have at our school and it tastes like wine as an aftertaste.

      I went to a giant party on the school campus with hundreds of people and it was so crazy.

      My friends and I were last off the bus because we were taking pictures XD

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    • When you have no one to talk to except your emo friend Cobalt
      IMG 3585
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    • that sucks

      aaaaa i'm so busy wth school

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    • Me too.

      I have English homework to do, but i'm too lazy.

      I did my friend's Math homework today because she didn't want to do it, I already did it on my own, and I was bored at Brunch.

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    • i don't have any homework

      what a good friend you are

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    • I have history and science to do. And math and English.

      I want to meet some new people. I have some new friends like Victoria, Wolf, Rhys, Cobalt, etc. but I kind of want to meet people from AJCW. Courtney and I are really good friends and send random selfies to each other on Discord, but she lives in another country. AJCW and AJ was a part of my life for so long and I want to meet someone who shares that with me.

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    • i haven't had homework yet

      my mom gets super overprotective over meeting people online and she's all like "don't show your face because they could track you" or something

      i've been playing AJ since i've been in 3rd grade (around four years)

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    • LUCKY

      It's like instagram. I actually don't think people can track you though. If it's on a Trojan site, yea, but I don't think they can. I don't know. I'm not that smart. I didn't even make it into advanced math.

      Ive been playing for... *intense thinking* 3 years. Since the fourth grade. Wait, no since I was 8. So.. 5 years? 8 9 10 11 now I'm turning 12 this year. So four and a half? I don't know.

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    • i still have to practice though

      even then, my mom is like "oh no, it's a picture of you. they can track you". i'm in Pre-AP for core classes and taking a programming class or something

      i turned 12 back in June but i'm on the young side of school. i started AJ around winter of 3rd grade but i don't play that much amymore

      my brother is complaining of stomach cramps and my sister is just laughing at him

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    • I still have to do my homework. HNNNG

      I don't have Snapchat and that would have been better to use.

      I take all the basic classes like the rest of my academic team. We get split into three teams (Explorer, Odyssey, and Vanguard) and I'm on Explorer. Each team has to share the same teachers, but have different periods.

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    • December 1st :P


        Loading editor
    • rip

      i don't have any social media

      you should turn in your stuff late and be like "sorry, we're running on Internet Explorer"

      June 20th .3.


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    • Doing my history homework now. Yeaaaaa.

      My neighbors' daughter WONT SHUT UP. She's screaming bloody murder, probably having a tooth pulled out.

      Me either. Only AJCW and Discord. Those aren't really social media though.

      Something happened to my history teacher today and he started crying in class. He's usually very strict or funny, but always holds such a strong appearance. I feel so bad for him. I don't want to have a sub tomorrow. I miss him already and I haven't even been gone for a day. I miss my old, 62 year old history teacher.

      Lucky. Yours is during summer. Mine's during the winter. It's already cold in California too. It's being like 36 when I get to school at 7:30.

      Everyone in the girls' locker room just has casual conversations about LADY STUFF. We even have a locker room song. We also all walk out in a pack while the guys are all huddled up near our gym lines.

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    • yayyyy


      my RELA teacher wasn't here today 

      i have PE next semester

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    • Then I gotta do SCIENCEEE. But I'm TIRREEED.

      RIP my ears and concentration

      We made blueberry muffins in culinary today, but team 5's was green and nasty. The teacher tried it and gagged. We all laughed and Brandon even TRIED TO STEAL MY TEA.

      I have it 2 or 3 times a week, but I like my PE class. It's fun. I actually enjoy it.

      I'm watching The relationship goals videos and I'm just like, "I'm so lonely :,)"

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    • i wanna sleep ;-;


      i have health as second period and i hate it. WHAT A TRAGEDY

      i would have it every day (but Thursday is late arrival so we would play games but i'm not sure what their doing this year, probably the same thing). my sister's PE sucks, meaning it's not that fun

      i found the Dolan Twins yesterday and if they weren't twins, they would be perfect gays

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    • I did my homework. And are now home. I have more homework to do.


      Health and science are mashed together into the same class. Odyssey's science teacher, Mr. Richie, talks about reproduction a lot.

      We just do national dances and we're learning the tinikling dance which is really fun. We do run a lot though.

      Yes. Yes they would.

      Two of my friends and I ran down the hill, away from campus, to pick up a baby snail one of them found and then bring it back up to campus. We didn't get caught because it was really early and no teachers or yard duties were out. BUT THEN DEVIN KILLED HIM. AND ZACH SCREAMED WITH ME WHILE WE WATCHED HIM BE BURIED.

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    • i've got some project to do over the weekend

      i hate health, it sucks. the health teacher talks about risks and consequences and i'm like "what about the drugs and stuff. what about what you thought health would be?" i'm so done with that class

      sounds fun

      rip snail, you will always be missed

      i tried to save a lizard that a cat got a hold of but he died. he had like a cut under his arm and it was bad, i think i might have drowned him...

      my mom makes me stand outside for 20mins in the Texas heat (around 95 fahrenheit, with a feel like tempature of 102 fahrenheit) and i finally gave in yesterday and took my jacket off (it's black but i was standing in the shade)

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    • I have homework to do :P

      Health/Science is okay. My teacher doesn't know how to TEACH, so the people I sit around just talk.


      Yes. Gary will be missed.


      My friend dropped some chips and I yelled, "CHIP MURDERER." And then I ate some of her chips and she goes, "YOU'RE A CHIP MURDERER SKYLAR."

      I have to stand out in the heat too, but I don't wear my sweater unless it's cold (Like it is right now). I know this guy who barely ever takes off his jacket.


      What are all the piercings and tattoos you want?

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    • Laying on my bed, with just my phone and Spotify playing, makes me realize how my internet friends care more about me than the people I know in real life. The people I know in real life (except one person) don't know I had depression and that I would cut myself, but multiple people I know on the internet know. It's it ironic? People that I can't hug, see, or physically talk to know more about me than the people I actually do that to. I wish I could meet my internet friends, but "internet friends aren't real friends". Why can't internet friends be closer and secretly be people at your school or something? That'd be so much better. But no. Courtney lives in ANOTHER COUNTRY, you live in Texas, Jordyn (Rose) lives in Maryland, and I don't even know where Sharp is.

      It makes me want to cry when I stare at the clock in class and think about, "What is Courtney or Jordyn or someone else I know off the internet doing? (Probably school)"

        Loading editor
    • lucky

      rip Gary


      you're both going to jail


      hmm, i might just want a helix piercing on my left ear. but when i get older

      it's easier to make friends online because you don't have to show your ugly face and you just meet more people

      i think about what it's like to be in another person's perspective and how they look at you. i sometimes have an existential crisis when thinking about it

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    • Yeaaaa. Totallyyyyy.

      He was too young to die.

      RIP the lizard Kat's cat killed

      Ooohh nooooo. I'm too young.

      I blow dry my hair after I take a shower TO KEEP MY FLOOFY EMO HAIR. HEHEHE

      I want my industrial, daith, anti-tragus, rook, and forward helix. And I have a small list of tattoos. Matching crossed arrows with my friend, my grandpa's death date, the Night Court symbol (from the book series I read), and my siblings' birthday dates. Maybe a vine with flowers around my ankle for my mum because she has that. People are like, "Woah. That's a lot, don't ya think?" And I'm like, "Ronnie Radke has more tattoos, but no one ever stops him and says, 'woah. That's a lot, don't ya think?'". They probably do, but eh.

      Exactly. And it's using on a wiki or a place where you all have a common interest, so you guys can bond over that.

      Me too, necessarily. I'm so self-conscious and I never feel good about myself (like most girls, lol), but it's in the sense that people will think I'm too weird to be here or that I'm strange and too far from the norm to be accepted.

        Loading editor
    • he was

      bad kitty

      age doesn't matter

      much floof

      instead of bad boy, it's the bad girl now

      yeah, like Amino maybe

      i was at my neighbor's birthday party then this dude said i was depressed, even though i'm not. he said i'm depressed because i have "no emotion" in my voice. and in my head i'm like "you wound exactly as i do." but i actually said "you're not a doctor (or something) so you can't diagnose me with depression." then he looked away

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    • RIP Gary, the baby snail who we found on a hill and took from his mother.

      Your kitties are cute though. Mine are just flat out weird.

      Yea. If you're below 12, you get sent to a behavior improvement house; before you're 18 or 21, juvie; then after is jail.

      It is very floofy. I just took a shower and blow dried it so it's all floofy. I'm embracing my inner emo today, no makeup though.

      My cat is trying to burrow her way underneath my bed. Wtf Gizmo?

      I just sit in class and take notes or stir stuff in Culinary and the people I know in Culinary or in any other class are like, "You look depressed. What's wrong?" And I'm like, "Nothing? Being asked if im depressed is making me depressed. Stap."

        Loading editor
    • rip

      Bear eats human food, Shylie is like a girl on her period, and Frosty spends most of her time outside


      wtf, Frosty just curls up on my lap

      no one really says it to my face, except for the bold people that usually say "why are you so depressed?" them i'm like "im not depressed.. and you can't tell me that i am because you're not a doctor." then their like "yeah, whatever." it gets annoying, just like when people say that someone has diabetes just because their fat. i'm like "i don't think you know how/what diabetes works/is."

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    • That sounds horrible when I read it over.

      Gizmo is always hiding and Tak is very VERY jumpy. She's afraid of everything and will stop everything to run.

      My cats don't do that. Gizmo will just push everything out of my hands so I can pet her, but that's it.

      All the kids at my school are like that. They focus on the "emo" kids (Cobalt, me, and thats pretty much it. There's only two of us and I'm okay with that.), the popular kids, and the wannabe popular kids or the wannabe emo kids. They just talk about those four categories a lot and it's annoying.

      So many people came up to me and said, "Wow. You cut your hair?", or "Omg! Your hair is so short!", or my personal favorite, "Haha, I didn't think you would actually do it!" It was a great day. I loved it. And my hair isn't like cropped to my skull like a pixie cut. No. It's just like a half an inch above my shoulder, so it's not EXTREMELY short.

      Hehe, I convinced Cobalt to dye his blue hair another color.

        Loading editor
    • XD


      like 90% of the girls at my school dress like sluts and they act like the people that don't dress like them don't even exist

      my former best friend tried to be emo. we would leave her out at the table because she wasn't like the rest of us and no one really liked her (she was annoying too) and then she started to sing depressing songs to herself and i was like "uh, no"

      my friend got a haircut and now it's really short, like right under her ears

      what color? guess you can't call him Cobalt now

        Loading editor
    • I put that baby snail in "captivity" and then DEVIN KILLED HIM BY BEHEADING HIM.

      Whenever we open the cabinet, Tak stands up and is like, "Treats? :3"

      The girls at my school do that too except my friends and I. My friend group wears shorts that are in code or pants or we wear t shirts and oversized crop tops XD (I do it too, but I like them because they're flow-y at the bottom and are comfortable.) And all the other girls wear really tight jeans or wear pink leggings to show off their nonexistent butt with a top they tie to show off a sliver of their flat stomach. I wore skinny jeans, old vans, and a slightly oversized t shirt and most of the girls were staring at me like, "You can't attract guys if you look like one of them."

      This girl in my group tries to be emo with always wearing a black sweater, jeans, and jack skeletington vans and she even tries to sing My Chemical Romance songs, alongside my fake depressed friend, which makes me gag. They try too hard. It's cringe-y.

      I wanted a long pixie cut, but I like my hair.
      IMG 3825

      I don't know. Maybe purple. He said he's dyed his hair red, black, two shades of blue, pink, redish, and tanzanite.

        Loading editor
    • jesus

      i can stand in the kitchen and Bear will just up on the counter like "feed me *brings me hand close to his nose to see what i'm eating, most likely taking a bite of it*"

      "but what if i dress like this because i don't want to look like a slut and attract guys?"

      i wear a black jacket and black converse but that's all. i don't really like bright colors, i guess. my hair is really dark and my eyes are such a dark brown they look black unless i have sun directly in my eye or you get super close to my face

      looks good :o

      welp, gotta call 'em Amethyst, if his hair is purple. we have very limited hair dye options. it has to be natrual colors so people with dark hair have to go with bleaching (hair dye doesn't show up well on dark hair)

      IMG 1641
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    • I feel so cruel now.

      I GOT A NEW KITTEN!! She purrs when she's tired and curls up on your chest or beside your head. It's so cute.

      "People dress for a reason and you are dressing like a slut for attention. I dress like this because it's comfortable and cozy and I love it."

      I wear vans, jeans/shorts/a skater skirt, and a t shirt most of the time because I feel comfortable in that, but people still tell me I'm emo because of the music I listen to and the "dark" clothes I wear. And my hair now.

      Thanks :o I would say the same for you, but I don't know what your hair is like.

      I will. I call him Blue, but now I gotta call him Voilet. And I never got the chance to dye my hair in elementary, so I took the chance and dyed it this summer for 7th.

      Wtf. I have no idea what that means. And the grammar is just on point.

      I have science homework, math homework, and English homework, plus I gotta take a shower and blow dry my hair, but this kitten is my top priority.

        Loading editor
    • i wanna see :o

      "it's not attractive one bit, it seems like you just want the boys to stare at you"

      converse, jeans, a shirt (one random one, i try to match colors. like i'll put a lighter color shirt with light jeans and dark shirt with dark jeans), then my jacket

      my mom would kill me if i showed you any part of my head because "they could track you down, even just a picture of your hair." i have no idea why, but i'll try to find a picture

      the only time i could dye my hair is during summer, because no unnatural hair colors


      i would miss anything just to be with this kitten

        Loading editor
    • IMG 3845
      I'll get a better photo tomorrow. Exactly. Girls just want attention and I'm literally hiding in a trash can.
      IMG 3581

      Seriously. My friends Rosie (red sweater) and Chelsea (whatever shirt she's wearing)

      That's like how I dress. Just simple and plains.

      How would your hair give away who you are? Courtney and I share selfies all the time, she's so beautiful. And I look like a pale potato.

      Like how you could bleach the tips or couldn't you dye it grey/ash because people have naturally grey hair. HAHA CHEAT THE SYSTEM

      My grammar nazi self isn't yelling profanities.

      I showered and dried my hair, but my homework is just all over my desk.

        Loading editor
    • oml, she's adorable

      i don't care what i look like, i go to school with a jacket covered in cat/dog hair

      she says something like "just a simple haircut could give you away. they could match the haircut to someone on the internet and.. BOOM. taken."

      you can bleach your hair but it has to be done professionally and a lot of it because my hair is so dark. i think you can dye your hair black because there are people with black hair


      i don't have a desk in my room, and i'm too poor to afford one. the o my homework we have is studying/finishing work that wasn't completed in class

        Loading editor
    • She's eating my fingers and hand. She's playing with golf balls right now and trying to eat my phone.

      Me too. I just throw on clean clothes and leave.

      But a lot of people have the same haircut. The kitten just walked all over my chest, so she agrees.

      Oooooh. I get it now. But that sucks. You can't dye your hair actual fun colors.

      The kitten is just running around and walking all over me. I was texting and she attacked my fingers.

      My desk is the bottom shelf of my bookshelf because I literally just sit on the floor and do it.

        Loading editor
    • aww :3


      yeah, it gets pretty old

      yeah, it sucks

      what's her name?

      the bottom of my book shelf is filled with books

        Loading editor
    • She's like a little land shark.

      Like right now, I just threw on some shorts (that I've gotten 3 warnings for, but eh. Let me get dresscoded.) and a grey shirt. Now I have to find my old school vans. Hnnnng.

      I know another emo girl named Elise and we have the same haircut.

      Oooooh. There's a bunch of cuts on my leg and I don't know what it's from.

      We haven't named her yet.

      My middle shelf is filled with books and my top shelf has some books with some other random stuff while the top is covered in three books, three fidget spinners, and some souvenirs from places I've been to.

        Loading editor
    • screw the dress code

      what's her last name, i might know her... you don't have to tell me her last name actually, do you know if she lived in Texas?

      name her Shark

      my bookshelf is filled with books

        Loading editor
    • Exactly. Clearly our schools haven't given up on the 1970s dress code and only "lightened" it a bit.

      She has an older brother and her name is Elise Boyzack (??) I think it's something like that.

      Imma call her Land-Shark.

      Wow. Really?

        Loading editor
    • wow

      oh, i don't know her


      ye, i've got so many children's books

        Loading editor
    • I made a bad desicison on wearing a V neck shirt today. The kitten it just clawing at it and I keep pulling it up.

      Oh. I know this guy from Washington, it's Cobalt. I also told Cobalt to dye his hair pink.

      She's so cute but so MEEEEEAN.

      Me too. Actually, I just have a bunch of chapter books.

        Loading editor
    • rip

      i know this girl from Seattle

      Shylie is cute but mean

      it’s like 80% warriors, 8% chapter books, 2% picture books, 10% baby books

        Loading editor
    • My hair is all messy today, but eh.

      I know this guy from Ireland and he's a chach.

      We named her Twitch.

      Mine is just everything you can imagine. Warriors, diary of a wimpy kid, Minecraft, Harry Potter, and a bunch of other random books.

        Loading editor
    • UGH.






        Loading editor
    • my hair is always messy





      i started watching South Park because i grabbed one of my dad’s shirt to wear it to bed (i lost the one i slept in, i took it off to be washed then it was gone) and it was a South Park shirt and i was like “if i’m going to wear this, why not watch it?” my dad only has Cartman shirts and i have no idea why. i’m wearing one right now and it says “screw you guys, i’m going home”. the first one i wore said “taco flavored kisses”, and i think he was another one that says “respect my authority”, i’ll have to look

        Loading editor
    • I have to go to a party, but I'm too lazy to get ready right now. It's a struggle.

      I have a Colombian friend and when she's mad, she yells in Spanish. It's scary.

      We switched her name XD it's Maverick now.

      I have notebooks and textbooks all over my floor. Rip.

      It sucks.

      Those shirts so amazing. All my shirts are plain, but the giant shirts I sleep in are school spirit shirts or are for engineering or something.

        Loading editor
    • i have to take a shower and do a bunch of math but i don’t wanna



      i don’t really have anything on the floor in my room


      i told my dad and he was like “uh oh”. i also told him that i wore two of his shirts and i was like “don’t you have one that says ‘respect my authority’?” and he was like “respect my authority” (the way Cartman says it, you’ll have to watch it on youtube)

        Loading editor
    • I'm on fall break Monday and Tuesday. That's my fall break.

      Her and I were singing Spanish songs and everyone was looking at us weird :)

      It was Viper or Maverick, so I chose Maverick


      My dad just has naval shirts or plain t shirts.

        Loading editor
    • wow




      my dad has a bunch of white shirts (but he was in the navy)

        Loading editor
    • The elementary school gets two weeks.

      It's fun

      She's annoying



        Loading editor
    • lucky


      my family has a dentist appointment this morning and i was sitting on my bed thinking “what if everything that happened, didn’t happen. what if what didn’t happen, happened? what if history changed? what if i didn’t exist?”

        Loading editor
    • My hair is a mess


      My friend Devin does that in Math. He thinks everything except math.

      I'm supposed to go to a pool party tomorrow and I'm just thinking, "When was the last time I went swimming? Do I even have a swimsuit? Maybe I can just say I forgot how to swim."

      Then my friend tried to show off and say, "I'm going to the red carpet because my uncle works on very famous movies. I also get a plus one." She looked at me and I go, "Don't choose me. I don't like social events. Go pick someone else." because she was trying to brag and have people beg.

        Loading editor
    • my hair is always a mess


      i sometimes do it

      i have to have a swimsuit or else i wouldn’t be complete. i love to swim

      i hate people that do that, it’s annoying

        Loading editor
    • But guys' hair when it's a mess, girls think is attractive. My hair is curled upward and you can see my brown hair underneath the blonde. It's crazy.

      rip my pop tart. I ate him.

      I do that in English because I hate my English teacher.

      I barely swim. I'll probably sit off in one of the two cabanas they have at the apartment pool and just not take my shirt off. Be like, "I forgot how to swim :( I don't want to drown."

      I just ignore them or deny them so they can go bug someone else.

        Loading editor
    • eh

      you murderer

      my RELA teacher retired and now we’re stuck with a substitute a week. and all we do is packets. it sucks because he was there for two weeks (he was my favorite teacher) then left. i cried in class

      “how do you forget how to swim?”


        Loading editor
    • I think it's attractive 👌 And dimples. And dark hair with light eyes. Bootiful.


      Awwwww. That sucks :( my teacher from the fifth grade got pregnant again and then left for the rest of the year. We had this really old sub who didnt know what he was doing, so we all failed over CAT.

      "In order to remember stuff for a test, I gotta forget stuff so I forgot how to swim in order to pass my chapter four history test."

      I also don't get why girls scream when they see some celebrity they like. I like tea, but I don't scream when it's done brewing. But to be honest, I would probably scream if I saw Andy Biersack, Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, or Quinn XCII. Or someone I like listening to.

        Loading editor
    • i have dark hair and dark eyes




      it’s like this: *jake paul walks by* *all girls scream until the earth splits* *we’re all dead*

        Loading editor
    • That's why I love you 👍




      I hate jake Paul. My cousin has a friend that looks like Jake Paul and it's so weird. I was cringing.

        Loading editor
    • 👍




      i hate Jake Paul too. your poor soul

        Loading editor
    • 👍👍




      He's so extra.

      I got challenged to a twerk-off XD

      I just got frappucino thrown at me D: ahhhh

        Loading editor
    • 👌




      what .3.

        Loading editor
    • Attrrrrrrrrractive.


      "Mhmm. "

      He's like a teenage girl who found a camera.

      I have to twerk while my friend does too and then everyone else picks who did it better XD We're weird.

      I was chillin' with my cute girlfriend Victoria <3 when I got a drink thrown at me XD

        Loading editor
    • XD

      your going to jail


      yeah. he thinks his popularity can get him out of trouble and “the jake paulers will get through anything” like they will defend him even if it means slitting throats


      like dating girlfriend? XD

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    • Rolled R's

      Oh no. I'm too young.

      "SHHHHHHH. Child, shhh."

      I know right.

      We do weird stuff. Like sit in a circle and stare intensely at each other while eating cupcakes. The first person to laugh and spit their cupcake out has to act like their name is Titus and be confused about everything for the rest of the day.

      Yea XD It's a weird situation, but Victoria and I are like, "Dis is my cuuuuute girlfriend :3 I love her."

        Loading editor
    • no you’re not


      we do weird stuff too, but we play Uno during lunch

      XD most of my friends aren’t straight XD

        Loading editor
    • Yes I am.


      We have music from a speaker and sing to random songs. It's fun.

      Me either. I have four bi friends (Chelsea, Nelanny, Trini, and Ivette), a pan friend (Karla), a gay friend (Rhys), and a lesbian friend (Heaven). And I'm the second lil pan bean.

      But yea, I'm dating a girl right now. But I also have a crush on a guy.

        Loading editor
    • no


      i have a pan friend (she has a girlfriend), a bi friend, a demisexual friend, and a friend that thinks of herself as male (so trans, i guess) then i’m asexual

      i’m not dating anyone, and i don’t have a crush on anyone .3.

        Loading editor
    • You have to be above 16 to go to jail. Younger than that, you go to juvenile hall or juvie.

      "Aye. I already went swimming. I would run with Chelsea and we would jump and flip into the pool. Then my friend had soggy chips all over his back. Then we have balloons and we made giant ones filled with water and air. It was so fun."

      People think certain sexuality don't exist because the letter isn't in LGBTHQ. Stuff that is in the LGBTHQ are abro, lithro, bigender, pan, poly, genderfluid, ace, trigender, non-binary, and so much more. People are so close minded.

      I like people I know won't like me back. It's kinda sad. And then there's people that like me that I don't like romantically. then I feel sad.

        Loading editor
    • yes. jail

      “sounds fun...?”

      i’ve never met someone that thought that.. but you’re right

      i don’t like anyone and being asexual is easy because you don’t have to deal with having to confess to your crush. but yeah, i got a love letter in french last year from a kid i didn’t like (we were in 5th grade when i was like “huh. does this kid like me?” i was right

        Loading editor
    • Yes?

      "Yes. It was. Devin tried to burp the ABCs, but almost threw up because he had just eaten a burrito. I was laughing so hard that I almost slipped and fell into the pool."

      I know multiple people who think that and I get soooooo mad.

      I've never gotten a love letter. I've had someone write I love you on my hand in invisible ink once, but I was just really confused on why.

        Loading editor
    • ok?


      .*Snow rattles*

      it’s awkward


        Loading editor
    • Sure?

      "My friends are ew."

      I'm shooketh.

      Sounds awkward.


        Loading editor
    • yeah?

      “aren’t all of our friends ew?”




        Loading editor
    • Yes?



      I get really awkward when someone tells me they like me or when I get stared at. I was being stared at in English and I could feel my face heat up.


        Loading editor
    • mhm?



      i can just tell when someone likes me


        Loading editor
    • No?

      "My ew friends are snorting sugar. Wtf"


      Same. But I get super awkward when I like someone.


        Loading editor
    • Add me on TBH 👌 skilarpadillar is me

        Loading editor
    • ok?

      “my friend once snorted the sour patch stuff.”




      i don’t have TBH. rip me

        Loading editor
    • Ke?

      "I know a guy that snorts smarties. His name is Jack. I got him suspended once."


      This girl asked me on a date and I felt so bad because I said no. My anxiety had shot through the roof and I threw up after. YAY



        Loading editor
    • si?

      “dude. awesome.”

      s h o o k



        Loading editor
    • Hola chicos?

      "I slapped a sticker into Cobalt's hair and I felt bad so I took it out. And then we fought over a popsocket but he won."


      I volunteered at my old school and so many kids were like, "Wait that's Skylar?? What the heck??"


      I have PE first period tomorrow so I'll get it then.

        Loading editor
    • me no speak spanish?

      “poor Cobalt.”


      you seem popular .3.



        Loading editor
    • I was singing Spanish songs in Advisory

      "Yea. He's very awkward."

      S h a k e I t l I k e a p o l a r o I d p I c t u r e

      It was just kids I knew from summer camp

      I'll get it soon enough

      Nevermind. I didn't.

        Loading editor
    • wow

      “rip Cobalt.”


      i don’t go to summer camp


        Loading editor
    • We had a shake out drill because my school IS SUPER CLOSE TO A FRICKING FAULT LINE and we're on a hill so we're going to be hit the worst.

      "His brother and sister are named Indigo and Cyan. His parents must love blue."

      Shake it like a Polaroid picture

      I used to. I don't anymore.

      I have no idea where it is. I'll find it soon.

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    • I'm home. And I'm tired. And I can't feel my calves.

      I went with Reanna, Cobalt, and Peyton to Fright Fest at Six Flags and I got scared multiple times. Then Cobalt got stuck in the seat of Ninja

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    • rip

      "they really must..."


      rip calves


      i live :o i was grounded for failing a RELA test :I

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    • Yay for California being on a fault line.

      "I think I have a crush on Cobalt .3."

      Shake shake shake shake shake

      We were explaining to my aunt what thicc means. And how my sister is thiccc.

      Ooooh noooo. I got an A+ on a test and two quizzes and Max says, "How does it feel to be a neeeeeerd?" I said, "It feels pretty goooooood."

      If someone takes me on a date to Six Flags, I will love them. Forever. Because I love roller coasters.

        Loading editor
    • rip California

      “but don’t you have a girlfriend or something?”

      shake it

      t h i c c

      that’s what she said

      i’ve never been to six flags

      instead of global warming, it’s global cooling. it’s not supposed to be in the 50s in october, in texas

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    • RIP

      "Not anymore. We broke up, but we're still friends."

      Shake it like a bartender

      Slim thicc, not slim thick


      It's literally just an amusement park BUT TATSU AND REVOLUTION ARE SO FRICKING FUN. And they hold events for each major holiday, it's cool.

      We're still in our 90s over here. But it is cloudy and kinda rainy today.

        Loading editor
    • “oh. i never had a boyfriend/girlfriend.”

      shake shake shake

      thic c

      sorry, holy water broke

      i’ve been to pleasure pier

      us texans are freezing

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    • "I find some relationships stupid. But I'm still a girl and think a lot are cute."



      Awwww. Imma die now a tainted soul.

      What's Pleasure Pier? We have The Santa Barbara Pacific Pier Park.

      Awww don't die. I need chu.

      I'm just sitting quietly and blasting rock music into my ears. Typical me.

        Loading editor
    • I got my whole outfit dress coded.

      I'm crying and I just want to go die.

        Loading editor
    • i have never been dress coded

      but i got discord :o

        Loading editor
    • and sorry i haven’t replied. i don’t get emails from this anymore, and i have no idea why

      but i’m: smells like ramen #4886

        Loading editor
    • I'm Snow #8338 or something.

      I'm tired, have homework, and am confused with myself because I think I like a guy but I don't know.

      And now I take the bus in the mornings, so I have to walk down my hill and it terrifies me.

        Loading editor
    • think i sent you a friend request

      i have homework and all i wanna do is be lazy and watch stuff on my phone. i can’t even remember what having a crush was like...

      i live like half a mile from the middle school i go to so i can’t walk but we don’t live far enough for the bus to pick me up

        Loading editor

      Me too. And it's stressful and I hate having crushes.

      I live like 5 miles away (maybe more. It's kinda far.) and there's a bus stop at the bottom of my hill so I take the bus with my friends.

        Loading editor

        Loading editor
    • WHAT

        Loading editor

      No jk I haven’t done that.

        Loading editor

      i haven’t ever fully kissed a girl. i was forced to kiss one of my friends on the cheek though

      i was reading Kyle x Stan fanfics yesterday and i’ve been wanking around a soulless body ever since

        Loading editor
    • NO

      I haven’t kissed anyone.

      My life at lunch today:

      Trevor- *Walks over* Hey Skylar. You wanna go to the winter formal with me?

      Me- ... No. *walks away to go off and find Maya and Leila because they my homies*

      .*Probably twenty minutes later and Trevor cried which I felt really bad about*

      Me- *tells Jason the story of Trevor asking me and me saying no*

      Jason- Yea. You’re not going with him because you’re going with me. Wanna go to the dance with me?

      Me- ... Sure


        Loading editor
    • you’re mean

        Loading editor
    • Awwwww

      I’m sorry.

      Forgive me bb

        Loading editor
    • i forgive you

        Loading editor
    • YAY.

      Thank you

        Loading editor
    • yw

      my dad came home

      happy thanksgiving

        Loading editor
    • Ooooh

      Are you happy?

      Happy Thanksgiving.

      My cousin has tried to commit suicide three times and was kicked out of the army.

        Loading editor
    • yeah because he’s gone for 3 weeks then home for like 3 days (he’s gonna be home for 5 days because he has jury duty or something Monday)

      i’m just now leaving to go to my nana’s, where we have every thanksgiving

      woah... i’m sorry but maybe he’ll be watched so he doesn’t try again and succeed

        Loading editor
    • OOoooh that’s nice.

      I’m at home because we have Thanksgiving at my house.

      Yea. We were talking about it last night with one of his sister (my uncle has had two wives and his first wife had my cousin and his two sisters, but then they divorced so now he’s with his second wife, Jenny and they have three kids) and she was explaining it to us.

      Normal day in my house when my brother is home:

      Brother: Want to iron this for me?

      Sister: Sure

      Brother: YOU BEING SALTY?

      Sister: Don’t sass me or I’ll burn a hole in this.

      Brother: ILL FUCK YOU UP

      Sister: Square up. Fight me.

      Brother: You talking shit?

      Sister: Hell yea.

      Brother: C’mon. Fight me.

      Sister: It’s 5 dollars a shirt, bud.

      Brother: Shut. Up.

        Loading editor
    • yeah but he drinks a lot of beer and dips

      normal day at my house no matter what

      me: on my phone watching something

      sister: idk in her room or something

      brother: uhh playing overwatch or something

      mom: on her ipad

      all cats: asleep unless frosty is outside

      dogs: somewhere in the house

      dad (when he’s home): on his chair watching tv or on his phone drinking a beer

        Loading editor
    • My house is chaotic.

      I’m hiding in the bathroom, away from my PMS-ing sister and baby cousin whose trying to open the bathroom door.

      I just wanna sleep and watch Netflix. But no. I have to socialize.

        Loading editor
    • my household is lazy

      hope you lived

      my parents doesn’t really care what i did

        Loading editor
    • My brother is COD: WWII and I’m cuddling with Maverick.

      I died in that bathroom. RIP.

      Mine do. They’re always driving my ass about what I’m doing.

      My friends to my boyfriend: Don’t hurt her okay?


        Loading editor
    • Snow will be missed

      mine care about what i do on the web. they don’t care what i watch unless it’s porn or something. like i watch south park and they know about it and they don’t really care


      i found out my cousin had a boyfriend yesterday and i just want to dance

        Loading editor
    • Not really.

      Mine are always over my shoulder about shit. They found a picture on my phone of Jason and i and they lectured me about being uncomfortable and all that and even sent my sister after me to make me talk to them.

      I’m wearing vans and sitting on the sofa with my cat in my lap. i
      Image 283$82
      want to move to take my shoes off because they’re digging into my feet but i don’t want Maverick to leave.
        Loading editor
    • i’ll miss you

      my mom gets my photos so i have to be careful about what photos i have on my phone. but isn’t Jason just a friend?

      i’m sitting in my mom’s car on the way to my nana’s again. can i take your cat

        Loading editor
    • Awwwww

      At the time, yes.

      No. But she’s a vicious little thing. I took my phone case off so she wouldn’t eat my phone and now the bottom of it is all torn and broken. Now she’s eating my sweatshirt sleeve.

        Loading editor
    • .:3

      what i thought

      aww. Bear will eat your fingers if you love on him too much and if you walk past him wearing black socks and he’s on the ground he’ll reach out and grab your feet

        Loading editor
    • I just walked Maverick (because we do that. Here’s a picture) and she was jumping through the grass like a kangaroo. It was so cute.


      Awwww. That’s so cute. Maverick reaches out and grabs your hand then kicks your arm with her back legs and bites your knuckles and fingers.

        Loading editor
    • if i walked one of my cats, i would never be able to look at them again

      it hurts though. i have a few scars on my feet just from him

        Loading editor
    • Why?

      I have three scars on my hands, one on my wrist, and one on my thigh from having such a vicious little animal.

        Loading editor
    • they would hate it and when i try to approach them they might think i’m trying to take them on a walk again

      i have scares on my right hand, my wrist, many on my left arm, on my my left thigh, many on my legs and some on my feet from cats and mosquito bites

        Loading editor
    • Awwww

      Maverick just likes the outside.

      Wow. We don’t get many mosquitoes here, but we get a few. There are a lot on the hiking trails though.

      I’m making a cake.

        Loading editor
    • Frosty loves to be outside

      after it rains there are so many mosquitos. there are lots in the woods and stuff

      i want cake

        Loading editor
    • Maverick does too.

      We don’t have any woodsy areas near here. We have a lot of hills that are burnt and charred because of all the wildfires.

      I made cake.

      I’m going to go drink salt, sugar, and tea. Aka Arnold Palmer tea.

        Loading editor
    • if i did the math right, happy birthday! i’m a day late on my side (it’s saturday for me) i just remembered. i had an orchestra concert tonight

        Loading editor
    • You messaged at 10:00 PM for me, so yea. It was my birthday.

      Thanks!! I had a great time with my friends who were being super loud and energetic XD like me.

        Loading editor
    • it suddenly popped in my mind like “OH MY GOD TODAY IS SNOW’S BIRTHDAY”


      i get braces on the 18th of December

        Loading editor
    • XD I walked in to school from the front gates, turned the corner to go to the table my friends hang around, Ellie sees me, she screams my name, and I am then nearly tackled by my friends and they sing happy birthday. It was so funny but I love them.

      I have to go to the orthodontist January 2nd.

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