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"Love will prevail, death will follow the fool who will interrupt that"

Kitsune lady

Lady looked around at the family members she so dearly cared about, blood splattered around them as the spirit of a deathly nine-tailed fox glared down at her a sickly grin spreading across its face, as a pulse of red surrounded them they then VANISHED in front of her eyes, then the fox lit up fire surrounding its body, then it spoke nothing more but a few hollow words "You have paid the price for your kitsune form and powers, now receive them!" a flash of light and spark surrounded her as the spirit entered her a tail and fox ears, now were part of her and so her new life would begin...


Lady is an attractive flirty elegant feminine girl, she is emotionally unstable and can be dark and twisted, once she is in love she can't be stopped her fury will kill all around here for all she cares they're just lives that were taken! Why should her love be taken? Her elegance will fool anyone and she will manipulate anyone into anything if she so desires, but this all comes with a cost her soul slowly bonds with a kitsune, will she give into her now dark roots or will she stay on the light path?


Lady is very petite and has a feminine frame, she is big busted and has alluring icy blue eyes though she has a paw marking on her thigh that glows depending on emotion, her fox ears and tail are very large and her tail is extremely bushy, she has light blond hair that reaches all the way to the bottom of her back 







The sound of screaming




bad manners

Old things


She has a kitten named Tigger, Tigger has been her companion for a long time and she has grown very attached to him

She has drinking problems due to the amount of emotional stress she had to go through when she was getting her powers Note: this was when she was 5

Lady comes from a long line of kitsune heritage, every 1000 moons a member of the family must take on the kitsune and lose everything...


  • lady irl (( only with fox ears = tail ))

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