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Name: Courtney 

Nickname(s): Kitten

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As a child Courtney was extremely bubbly and excitable, always trying to make friends. Though her home life was not the sunshine and rainbows attitude she reflected, oh no, it was quite the opposite her father abused her and her mother watched it all happen. Slowly Courtney began to become obsessed with relationships and love. One night whilst out on a walk she was brutally assaulted by a were-cat passing the abilities onto her.

Description, Appearance & Abilities

Courtney is generally short with long raven hair, Wide hips and bright emerald eyes( Her pupils are cat-like slits). She has large lips and long legs that give her somewhat bouncy elegant strides. Her jawline is somewhat sharp. Kitten's two canines are fangs(cat-like). She has an ugly scar that is placed on her sternum, three cat claws.

Courtney is seductive and calm in general, she puts on a nice and soft demeanor often trying to win the hearts of others, shielding her own insecurities. Courtney feels everyone must be her friend or if they aren't her friend that are her enemy. Love is something Courtney strongly believes in and always tries to grasp it yet, usually fails as she can be needy, often depending on her lover to be there at every moment in time. But, Courtney isn't all sunshine and rainbows, Courtney is mentally disturbed due to some of her past relationships and can be destructive if things don't go her way. Naive is something kitten also is, she is easily manipulated wich makes her an easy kill for the murderers.

Kitten has cat agility and retractable cat-like claws. Her senses are enhanced greatly and she is also more flexible due to her abilities. She is a werecat in short.

As a werecat, she is a large imposing pather-like feline with the same green optics that are quite intimidating. Her canines in this form hang from her lower jaw matching that of a saber tooth tigers. Her claws are extremely long even appearing to pop out when sheathed and her fur is shiny and sleek.


  • Courtney
  • Courtney(Cat form)

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